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Walking with women on their
journey through pregnancy,
labour and early motherhood


Research shows that with continuous hands-on nurturing women are more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience and feel that they were in control.

Catherine Price and Sandra Robinson: authors of
Birth, Conceiving, Nurturing & Giving Birth To Your Baby



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The role of a doula...

The term doula comes from ancient Greece meaning “servant to women”

The aim of a doula is to enhance the well being of the mother during pregnancy, labour and birth. We do not clinically manage the birth but are employed privately by women to give emotional informational and physical support through the birth process.

Current research shows that women who utilise the services of a doula can expect:

  • an epidural use rate reduced by 60%
  • a 50% less chance of a caesarean birth
  • syntocin use reduced by 40%
  • narcotics use reduced by 30%
  • forceps use reduced by 30%
  • the length of labour to be reduced by 25%

Hire a doula for caring labour and birth support in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria: Contact Birth By Nature

Rachael McLeod



Send your man to the pub!!! Rachael runs the Beer and Bubs Melbourne sessions at the Limerick Arms Hotel in South Melbourne. Beer and Bubs is a one night session at the pub where expectant dads learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby. Childbirth is daunting for men too and this session prepares fathers for an active, caring role. This session is designed to help men gain the practical knowledge they need to be involved in the birth in a positive, practical and useful way.
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"There exists a place that many of us in the birth world in Australia have only dreamed of. I do believe I have found the birthing woman's nirvana in India." > Read article


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